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Solving Invisible Geometry with Correct Winding

While teaching myself Microsoft DirectX, I fell into an issue that is best described as "invisible geometry". This is the unfortunate situation when lines aren't appearing when and where you expect them to. You've told DirectX to draw something, but you don't see it. The difficulties with getting this simple "two-faced triangle" to draw seemed to represent the difficulties with working with DirectX in general.

Tetris Update

I've been on a roll with my Tetris development the past few days. Of late, I've implemented "pause" and "fast fall" (or "fast drop"). I've also added the ability to build a "mound". While working on the code to make the mound (the collection of pieces that pile up on top of each other), I found it helpful to dump the contents of my "grid" to a file. Here's my grid after playing the game for a few minutes. Clearly I now have to work on "clearing the rows" next!
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